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Ares Galaxy – a filesharing powertool

Posted by Flo in File sharing, Open Source, Tech on May 17th, 2008.
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It’s quite a while ago when I last used P2P networks like Kazaa to download files. The main reason for that was that it seemed to be packed with spyware and other nonsense I didn’t want. A while ago this all changed because my favorite bittorrent client, Azureus, seemed to make my computer unstable, so I needed another client. I found Ares Galaxy, a p2p network and bittorrent client in one, and I’m really satisfied about it.


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Image to ASCII converter roundup

Posted by Flo in Tech, Websites on May 3rd, 2008.
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Making ASCII art of your images if probably one of the most useless functions the internet offers, but it can be quite cool when you get a nice result. I’ve listed some sites that offer Image to ASCII converting so you can try it out for yourself. Some websites really give you high quality results!


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Gaming without discs

Posted by Flo in Tech, Tricks on May 1st, 2008.
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Sick of always searching for your gamediscs? Or do you want to play games on your laptop somewhere else without taking your whole collection with you? If you have sufficient harddisc space, these troubles are over. By making iso files of your gamediscs, and using the right applications, you will never have to use your discs again. And the great thing about this trick, is that you won’t need to alter your game files, so you won’t have trouble patching!


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