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Vuze (Azureus), torrents for the masses

Posted by Flo in File sharing, Open Source on December 14th, 2008.
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Over a year ago I stopped using Vuze, then known as Azureus, as my torrent client. This was simply because my computer stopped responding to every input when I was using it. A few months ago I noticed that they’ve changed Azureus into Vuze, so I downloaded it again to test it. I can assure you that the name isn’t the only thing that changed…


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Advanced WYSIWYG editor Open Bexi Creative

Posted by Flo in Open Source on November 15th, 2008.
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Coding html websites isn’t the hardest thing there is, but not everyone has the time to learn it, and that’s why WYSIWYG html editors exist. If you aren’t looking for a perfect looking website, you can even use word for this, but if you want to have an editor designed to make html websites, you’ll need something like frontpage. Unfortunately, this software isn’t the cheapest software around, so I’ve looked for some free alternatives and OpenBexi Creative is one of them.


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Tag your music the right way with Kid3

Posted by Flo in Open Source on November 11th, 2008.
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Tagging music is quite useless for the average computer user since you would not even notice the difference. But if you want to distribute music, have a music collection or if you are a member of, you may need to have every song tagged correctly. When you use the windows XP system, this may take ages. You need to search for the correct tags on the internet and tag each file seperately. That is… until you download Kid3.


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Transcoding everything to everything with MediaCoder

Posted by Flo in Open Source on November 10th, 2008.
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Like I stated in my post about online converting, there are a lot of different file types out on the internet, and this can cause trouble, especially when you download music for your mp3 player.This problem is there because most mp3 players don’t even support a common used extension as wma. So if you want to listen to those files on your mp3 player, you need to convert them to mp3. This is possible with some internet services, but these services won’t let you convert a large amount of files at once. This is where MediaCoder can help you. It can convert nearly every file type into nearly every file type, it can convert a lot of files at once, and most important: it’s free.


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Peazip: a multifunctional archiving tool

Posted by Flo in Open Source, Tech on September 10th, 2008.
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A long time ago, and I mean a VERY long time ago, my worst fear was only to be able to get certain files in a rar format, because I wasn’t able to open them. That is, untill I got WinRar, but it kept nagging me that I should buy the full version. Of course I didn’t like that, so I stopped downloading rar files. That is, until about a year ago when I started to download through usenet, where everything is distributed in rar archives. So I tried to find a better free tool with less irritations than WinRar. This is how I found PeaZip, and it gave me a reason to start downloading rar files again.


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Ares Galaxy – a filesharing powertool

Posted by Flo in File sharing, Open Source, Tech on May 17th, 2008.
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It’s quite a while ago when I last used P2P networks like Kazaa to download files. The main reason for that was that it seemed to be packed with spyware and other nonsense I didn’t want. A while ago this all changed because my favorite bittorrent client, Azureus, seemed to make my computer unstable, so I needed another client. I found Ares Galaxy, a p2p network and bittorrent client in one, and I’m really satisfied about it.


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Refile, a fast renamer

Posted by Flo in Open Source, Tech on April 28th, 2008.
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Sometimes you just need some files to be used or played in a specific order. For example, on (old) mp3 players, your songs will be played in alphabetical order, not the order in which you’ve put them in the map. This problem also occurs when you want to burn files in a specific order, most burning apps just sort them alphabetically. The quickest solution to this problem is to add numbers in front of the songs, listing them in the right order. Doing this by hand would take ages, but luckily Refile can do this for you in no time, for free. Yes, free, some people want $30 for their bulk renaming tools.


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Become a DJ with Tactile12000

Posted by Flo in Open Source, Tech on March 26th, 2008.
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Finding good open source DJ tools seems to be hard. I’ve tried a few applications that said to have a scratching function, but Tactile12000 is the first one that really has working turntables in it.


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Improve your music listening experience with MP3gain

Posted by Flo in Open Source, Tech on March 5th, 2008.
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If there’s one thing I hate when listening to music on my mp3 player, it is the difference in loudness between songs. If you’ve got a very poorly ripped album, you’ve got to change the volume of songs time after time. Besides that, these differences in loudness may go unnoted leading to hearing problems. With MP3gain, this problem is history.


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Your computer can help science with BOINC

Posted by Flo in Open Source, Tech on March 2nd, 2008.

Did you ever want to do something for science? Now is your chance! With BOINC you can donate your hard disk space and CPU power to (scientific)projects with just a few clicks.


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