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Image to ASCII converter roundup

Posted by Flo in Tech, Websites on May 3rd, 2008.
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Making ASCII art of your images if probably one of the most useless functions the internet offers, but it can be quite cool when you get a nice result. I’ve listed some sites that offer Image to ASCII converting so you can try it out for yourself. Some websites really give you high quality results!


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Online converting

Posted by Flo in Tech, Websites on April 12th, 2008.
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When sharing information through the internet, nothing is more irritating than people who share information in uncommon formats, or let’s say: formats that you don’t use. Through the years, this problem has grown worse because every OS has it’s own text software that creates his own filetypes, his own media software that creates his own media extensions, etc. The best solution would be an open format that every platform should support, but that would damage some important monopoly positions, and who is going to decide which format is used? This is why there’s only one solution to the compatibility problem: converting from one format to the other. There’s some nice software to do this on the web, but the easiest software isn’t (spam)free, and you need quite some applications to be able to convert everything to anything. Luckily, web based convertors provide a better solution.


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