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Get acces to your Kubuntu samba server

Posted by Flo in Tech, Tricks on May 6th, 2012.
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While trying to access some files on my Kubuntu computer from Mac OS X through samba, I ran into the problem that the password I set in the Kubuntu’s system settings for network sharing was denied. It turned out that it wasn’t even accessible through smbclient from the machine itself, and it resulted in a NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED error. The fix was actually quite simple and probably the result of lazy reading when I was setting up the samba server. Read on if you’ve got the same problems.


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Retrieving files from mac OSX (backup) dmg file

Posted by Flo in Tricks on November 30th, 2010.
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A little while ago, the my brother’s macbook pro died a horrible death (Apple hardware tends to do that). Luckily a backup of the hard disk could be made with the mac disk utility. Well, luckily… Retrieving the data from the .dmg file seems to be more troublesome than I hoped it would be. When accessed with mac software, not all data could be retrieved (some files don’t even appear). However, after a long night of work, I got access to all the files again. How? read on…


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Solving white screen after upgrading to KDE4

Posted by Flo in Tricks on May 7th, 2009.
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After every large Kubuntu upgrade my computer seems to get problems, probably because the hardware is quite old. When upgrading to Kubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, I got yet another graphics related problem leading to a white screen after logging into kubuntu. It did take me some time to find the best solution, so here it is, I hope you’ll find it faster than I did.


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Install source code in tar.gz packages in Kubuntu

Posted by Flo in Tricks on January 25th, 2009.
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If you’re the administrator of your Kubuntu installation, you probably have to install a program or two. The most popular applications are installable through the adept package manager, but sometimes you’ll need something that’s only distributed in tar.gz source packages. If you’re lucky, there’s a file in it, otherwise this guide may come in handy…


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Internetspotter’s Quick Guide to Usenet Part 1: Connecting to Usenet

Posted by Flo in File sharing on January 3rd, 2009.
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One of the fastest and safest ways to get your files is through usenet. The only problem for a lot of people is that it’s quite hard to use, so I’ve planned to make 3 easy, step by step, guides that will open the doors to usenet for everyone who takes the time for it. In this first part I’ll show how to connect to usenet, in the second part I’ll show how you find and download files and in the third part I will explain how you can repair and make your files ready for use. This post is part 1 of the guide: connecting to usenet.


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Install tar.gz packages with a file in Kubuntu

Posted by Flo in Tricks on November 17th, 2008.
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Installing tar.gz packages with a file in it isn’t the hardest thing to do when using Kubuntu, but if you always use deb packages, like me, it can take a while before you have found a way to install them. When you have found out how it works, you have a chance to run into a little permission problem that probably only occurs when using Kubuntu. So here’s my guide for unexperienced users how you DO install these packages in Kubuntu.


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Stop BOINC from slowing down your computer too much

Posted by Flo in Tech, Tricks on June 22nd, 2008.
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Lending your computer to science is a good thing to do, but you don’t want to have any consequences. If you disable the BOINC screensaver, the BOINC manager will even run if you are using the computer. This can slow down your computer pretty much. Luckily there’s a simple trick to prevent this, and still let BOINC run when you’re using the computer.


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Gaming without discs

Posted by Flo in Tech, Tricks on May 1st, 2008.
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Sick of always searching for your gamediscs? Or do you want to play games on your laptop somewhere else without taking your whole collection with you? If you have sufficient harddisc space, these troubles are over. By making iso files of your gamediscs, and using the right applications, you will never have to use your discs again. And the great thing about this trick, is that you won’t need to alter your game files, so you won’t have trouble patching!


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