Image to ASCII converter roundup

Posted by Flo in Tech, Websites on May 3rd, 2008.
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Making ASCII art of your images if probably one of the most useless functions the internet offers, but it can be quite cool when you get a nice result. I’ve listed some sites that offer Image to ASCII converting so you can try it out for yourself. Some websites really give you high quality results!

There aren’t a lot of differences between the different converters, they’re all web based, free and they all give some results, but they do have some different methods to get your image: uploading, or url linking (you must link to an image already hosted somewhere on the web). So I will sort the sites by these criteria, if they’ve got both options, they will be under "upload your image". Some websites offer unique things, I will list those under "special".

Url linking ASCII converters

Upload your image


And which one is the best? In my opinion it’s It gives you high quality text images, with an output that is recognisable both as the original image and as text. I can’t place an example on the site, because it pushes wordpress to the limits 🙂 but here’s an example.

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