Solving white screen after upgrading to KDE4

Posted by Flo in Tricks on May 7th, 2009.
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After every large Kubuntu upgrade my computer seems to get problems, probably because the hardware is quite old. When upgrading to Kubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, I got yet another graphics related problem leading to a white screen after logging into kubuntu. It did take me some time to find the best solution, so here it is, I hope you’ll find it faster than I did.

First of all, I did not found this solution out myself, and I don’t know who should get the credit for finding this solution (I guess this is one of the first solutions, but I don’t know for sure). However, this trick did work for me.

The problem seems to be that my graphics card couldn’t render the Compiz Desktop Effects, resulting into a white screen and a moving cursor after logging in (although some people seem to have a black screen or a grey screen instead…). The solution consist of a hotkey shutting Compiz of, and permanently disable Compiz.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start up Kubuntu and log in to KDE4. Wait till the screen turns White/Black/Grey/ whatever color your screen turns into.
  2. Now, use the magic combo: Alt+Shift+F12, the desktop will reappear. Problem solved? Well, temporarily. We’re going to shut down the desktop effects so we won’t need to do this again and again.
  3. Go to the Kmenu and select: System Settings > Desktop > Desktop Effects. Turn your desktop effects off.

The problem is now probably solved. It’s as easy as that.

Again, it’s not my fix, so find the creator of this fix and thank him.

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