Time Wasters of the Month April 2009

Posted by Flo in Offbeat on April 4th, 2009.
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It’s April, so spring is getting all powered up now, and so is the wheather. More sun, fewer cold days, so it’s the ideal time of the year to sit inside your house behind your computer, wasting time on games because you are so frickin’ bored. Luckily, this months time wasters are here to save you from boredom, check them out.

The Time Wasters of April 2009:

Little Big Planet (Paid Game for the PS3)
Little Big Planet is a game from a totally finished genre: platformers, or so I thought. The contrary seems to be true. Little big planet really ads new elements to the genre. Not only with the big levels that even support coöperative play, but also with it’s option for people to create their own levels and mini games, which ads a whole new dimension to the game and makes it a game that you will enjoy for quite a while. This game surely belongs to the list of best games ever made.

Hobo wars (Browser based text RPG)
A very original game indeed. Be a hobo and progress through the game by beating up other hobo’s. Of course, you can improve your hobo by buying weapons (like a paper cup) or plastic sacks for protection… You can even join gangs and take your hobo to university…  That is, if you won’t get beaten to death. As I’ve said, it’s an original game, and I don’t expect that a lot of people will play it, especially because the makers keep nagging about a donation for their game.

The Parking Game (Flash game)
Afraid your parking skills won’t do? Here’s a game that helps you improve them. You will be parking your car in no time or you’ll break your keyboard in half of frustration after playing this game… or both. How useless and uninspired can a game be? Check it out.

Battlefield Heroes (Free to play Third Person Shooter)
Yes, it’s the new battlefield, but it’s a bit different from the battlefields you know.  It’s a third person shooter, and it’s toony, so don’t expect to much of the graphics. Next to that, there’s an RPG leveling system with abilities like extra damage etc.. But the most important change is  that it’s free, and that means that there’s a shop where you can buy stuff, things for the looks of your character (not weapons), for real money. I don’t know if a lot of people are going to use that option, but oh well, let’s see. It’s still in the closed beta phase, so you’ll have to register first and wait for a key, but it’s worth the waiting.

Frets On Fire (Open Source game)
Love Guitar Hero? Frets on Fire is a free open source ‘copy’ of it with a twist. Get a good keyboard that you can hold in the air, and hold it like a guitar. You’ll discover that it actually works like the guitar hero guitar. There are only three songs, but there seems to be an online leaderboard, and it really IS hard (even on easy). I can really recommend this game, it’s the funniest way you’ll ever use your keyboard to game, and the tutorial is the funniest thing I saw in a long time. DOWNLOAD IT, PLAY IT! NOW!

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  1. foogooDan says:

    Given a look at Runes of Magic yet? Another free to play that’s really taking off.

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