Time Wasters of the Month May 2009

Posted by Flo in Offbeat on May 7th, 2009.
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While the Swine Flu is spreading all over the world, you are thinking: what to do to be safe? Well, the best way is to store a lot of food in your fridge, and lock yourself into your house till the whole world is zombiefied, and it’s safe to come out. And guess what, that’s gonna take a while, so you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands, luckily there’s this month’s Time Wasters…

The Time Wasters of May 2009:

Left 4 Dead (Paid game for PC and Xbox 360)
The real critics are very positive about this game, making it "Game of the Year", and I see why. It’s the most massive and frantic zombie slaughter game I’ve ever played. Sure, it’s a bit mindless, and there aren’t a lot of weapons, but the setup of the game will keep you amused for quite some time. The combination of co-op and the movie like gameplay seems to be ideal to waste a lot of time in a positive way.

Angry Kings (Browser Based Text RTS)
Just another Kingdom based text RTS. You sign up and get an estate, and try to get the biggest empire. You can build buildings that make resources/units/etc. and there are 3 types of resources. It’s also semi graphics based, but don’t expect to much of it. I haven’t tested it for a long time, but it looks kind of promising however, a big downside of the game are the premium accounts, they have advantages over non-premium accounts). If you’re interested, you can try it for free without registering, the basic account also won’t cost you a thing.

Imperium (Flash based RTS)
One thing has to be said: it’s incredible what’s possible with flash. Imperium is a quite extensive RTS where you must build your city, manage your resources so you can build an army to destroy the enemy. There are a number of difficulty levels, and you can even save your game if it’s taking to long. If you are a RTS freak, you will probably like it.

Trickster Online REVOLUTION (Free to play MMORPG)
A 2D MMORPG, not really something of the 21st century… But oh well, some people seem to enjoy it. In the few moments I’ve played this game I came that the conclusion that you must either love anime drawings or you must be in the range from 8 to 14 years to enjoy this game. Those people who aren’t really fitting in one of those categories, but are extremely bored, should also try it out, it’s free. Maybe you’re able to explain after playing it for a few hours to me why this game is so special, and what’s the use of drilling the whole day…

V-Drift (Open Source Racing Simulator)
So, you are looking for a challenge? This racing simulator is really hardcore. No special arrows for reverse and you are most surely flying out of the corners because you’re driving to hard. There’s AVS, TCS, etc. You can ride in a variety of open source cars and on a selection of open source tracks, so nothing you really know. A big downpoint is that the game kills windows vista if you run it directly after installing, and the game really lacks online multiplayer, it would make the game great. A must have game for real racing freaks.

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