Time Wasters of the Month July 2009

Posted by Flo in Offbeat on July 24th, 2009.
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It’s still getting hotter, too hot to actually work… So it’s an ideal moment to waste some time playing games. Well, if you’ve got a laptop and you can sit outside. Enjoy this month’s Time Wasters.

The Time Wasters of July 2009:

The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time (Paid game, N64 or Wii virtual console)
It’s an old game, but it’s still one of the best games in the world after all these years. Besides that, it doesn’t cost much. If  you don’t care about graphics, and like a little more hardcore questing experience than the modern zelda games, you should check it out.  No, I said it wrong: you must have a real good excuse for NOT checking it out.
Website: http://www.zelda.com/ocarina/background.html

Travian (Browser Based MMO-text-RTS)
This game is actually very much like a game I had in this topic a few months ago: Ikariam. The setting is a little bit different, not mediterranean but more romand vs barbarians, and the combat seems to be 100% land based. Similarities are found in the very graphical interface where you build your cities and your army, and the need to harvest different kinds of resources. Although there are some differences. For example, travian seems a little bit more complicated to handle than ikariam, and every city has every kind of resources, unlike ikariam. The game goes on 24/7, so it’s one for people who like empire simulators and don’t mind spending some time on it.
Website: www.travian.com

Age of War (Flash Game)
I’ve never seen a game that points out the uselessness of war so well. The game is basically like this: you start in a prehistoric setting, and you build units that run at the enemy units. They probably get killed, and if you’ve earned enough experience, the game goes on in the next age. After a while you may ask yourself: is this game winnable, and the answer is that it is winnable. It only takes a lot of time… Great game if you’ve got nothing to do and don’t want to spend a lot of brain resources.
website: http://www.maxgames.com/game/age-of-war.html

Last Chaos (Free to play)
Last Chaos is just another MMORPG. As far as I’ve played it till now, there’s nothing that makes this game more special than a random other free to play MMORPG. Standard MMO graphics, not a lot of quests, basic classes and resource gathering professions. A certain plus is that the servers are less crowded than those of Silkroad online, the downside certainly seems to be that the monsters moonwalk when they stand still… So it’s quite weird. A game for the hardcore grinders that are in need of a new MMO.
Website: http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/

Freedroid (Open Source Game)
This one is a bit for the linux geeks. It’s a diablo-like RPG game where you fight with Tux against MegaSys who owns all the operating systems and therefore controls every robot on the planet. As far as I’ve played it, it looks like it’s a complete RPG with the ability to equip items and buy skills etc. but I don’t know how long the story will entertain you. I’ve only tested the 3D version and it’s not really 3D. It is more a top down viewed 2D RPG, and the controls aren’t great. Nevertheless, It’s a good time waster, and probably quite enjoyable if you get further in the game.
Website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/freedroid/

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