Time Wasters of the Month June 2009

Posted by Flo in Offbeat on June 22nd, 2009.
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Well, it’s finally here, the new Time Waters. I forgot to post one at the beginning of the month, so it’s a bit late… But oh well, this month’s are interesting as ever, so check them out!

The Time Wasters of June 2009:

Red Alert 3 (Paid game for the PC/Xbox360/PS3)
I don’t think that this game needs a lot of explaination. It’s quite popular, and it’s been out there for quite some time, so it’s cheap. If you like the idea behind the game: the sovjet red army in full power versus the high tech japanese empire and of course america, you should buy the game. As a bonus, it’s a decent RTS.
website: http://www.commandandconquer.com/redalert/

Gladiatus (Browser Based Text/Minor Graphical RPG)
Become a gladiator, defeat your enemies, and reach the top… Not very original, but it works. It’s an RPG, meaning that you buy weapons, work for your money, etc. I always ask myself, why would you play a browser based RPG if you can play free MMORPG’s, and I still haven’t found an answer to that. If you like the setting, try it out. Otherwise, go play rock, paper, scissors with your left hand. Which is an idiotic game, you always seem to lose =/…
website: www.gladiatus.com

Renegade Commanders (Flash RTS)
Nearly a clone of Command and Conquer, but without the parts that make it good. You can build a base and some units. It’s fun for a while, but the lack of options may bore you quite fast.
website: http://www.maxgames.com/play/renegade-commanders.html

Battle Forge (Free (MMO)RTS for the PC)
A free EA game… and yes, too good to be true. This game is a card trading RTS game… and how does that work? You download the game for free, and you get a deck of units you can summon to fight for you in games. The thing is that the only way to get other cards is either purchase them from EA, or you must sell your cards, so you can buy auctioned cards… The last thing is impossible, because everyone has your cards, so you have to pay. But oh well, the singleplayer is fun to play, although it’s quite hard to play without good units.
website: www.battleforge.com

Simutrans (Open Source trafficing simulator)
A great simulation for people who like to own a transport company. You must transport different kinds of goods to different places an earn money with it, and it’s quite fun to do. It does give me memories to a game I had about 10 years ago, Transport Tycoon… It looks exactly like this, and it worked quite the same. The only difference is that this game is quite hard to learn, you must search your way to a lot of options, with no real guide how to do it. Nevertheless, if you know how it works, it’s fun. Oh yeah, it’s 2D, not for the hardcore graphic freaks.
website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/simutrans/

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