Free Usenet Binary Servers with IPv6

Posted by Flo in File sharing on October 24th, 2009.
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Usenet is probably the best source for your daily downloading needs, but a big problem is finding the right servers, that is, if you don’t want to pay for it. The reality is that there aren’t free usenet binary servers, simply because it would cost too much to maintain them. However, with the sudden need to make the IPv6 system more popular, there are a few free binary servers open for public, but you’ll need to enable IPv6 on your computer to use them. In this guide I will give the easiest setup how to do this using SABnzbd+. If it’s not working for you, I also have a few IPv4 binary servers for you, maybe they’ll work.

First of all some credits to the website where I’ve found this trick, and nearly everything you need to know is already stated:
thnx kaiserblog:

If you read the post, you’ll see it’s a lot of work to get it working for you for other news readers than SABnzbd+ using hurricane. So I used the guide from the last comment on that blog instead. Not only is this method faster, but also the hurricane ipv6 client seems to have some problems, including that you can only open one tunnel each 24 hours… you don’t want to have that. So just like in the guide from the last comment, we will use the go6 client instead of the hurricane client.

As a last statement before we begin I must say that this guide is still windows only, and at your own risk. You should be able to get it working on linux based computers if you manage to install the go6 client. I did try for 2 hours on my kubuntu installation, but I still don’t manage to get it working.

First of alle you need these two applications:
SABnzbd+ (Click to Download)
Go6 Client (Click to Download)

  1. Install the Go6 client (you’ll need to install the virtual tunnel adapter if you’re asked)
  2. Run the Go6 client, register @, wait for the e-mail. Under the basic tab of the go6 client, fill in "" as Gateway6 adress, select "Login Using the Following Credentials" and copy-paste the information you received in the e-mail in these 2 new text boxes.
  3. Press "connect" and minimalise the client.
  4. If everything is working, you should see your ipv6 adress @
  5. Now install SABnzbd+
  6. After the installation, run SABnzbd+, if it doesn’t open, follow the exact instructions from the error page opening up in your browser, and it should work.
  7. In SABnzbd+, go to config -> servers and add the following servers:
    (source: )
    The retention times seem to be a bit longer for the XS news server, and all servers are pretty unstable, but they’ll do. You’ll need to register for the xs news server, there are no problematic forms.

    Port: 119
    Connections: 4
    Speed: 20mbit
    username: none
    Pass: none
    retention: 107 days
    Port: 119
    Connections: 3
    Speed: 150 kb/s
    username: none
    Pass: none
    retention: 18 days
    XS news
    Port: 119
    Retention en complete guarantee: 107 days
  8. Don’t forget to save changes. Now add your favorite nzb by going to home -> add file. You should be able to download now.

If you already have a usenet client, please refer to the kaiserblog guide, you should get it working.

If you have followed all the steps above, and still don’t get it working, you may want to check firewalls etc. (although everything seemed fine for me without configuring any of those). If it still doesn’t work after that, you can also try the following normal usenet test servers:, port 119, 2 threads, probably about 25 days of retention, quite slow., port 119, 25 threads, 300+ days of retention, quite fast, but very unstable. This probably isn’t a test server, so it probably won’t stay there for long.

A quick and final word about SABnzbd+: I don’t like this usenet client, and you probably won’t either, but it saves you a lot of effort getting your other usenet client working through ipv6.

I hope this works for you.

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