Time Wasters of the Month March 2009

Posted by Flo in Offbeat on March 4th, 2009.
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There wasn’t a lot of time for me last moth to write some posts, but here’s the next Time Wasters, just so I won’t mess with the tradition. I hope I can post some more Internetspotter-like posts this month.

The Time Wasters of March 2009:

Saints Row 2 (Paid Game for PC,  Xbox 360 and PS3)
Since Saints Row was a succesful game, there was a need for a Saints Row 2. This second part in the Saints Row  Is nearly a copy of the first part, but it has new missions, a little bit of extra territory and a few new options like better character customisation and a multiplayer mode for the story line. If you liked the first part, you will like this part without a doubt, but keep in mind that it’s a little buggy,
Website: www.saintsrow.com

Nation States (Browser Based United Nations Simulation)
A game that’s fun for a while. You first create a nation, and every day you get some questions about problems in your country. Depending on the answers of your question, your state can change from a democracy to a communist dictatorship and vice versa. You can even apply for a spot in the Nation States United Nations  and make ‘virtual global’ decisions.
Website: www.nationstates.net

SWAT 2 (Flash Game)
Snipers and stickmen… what an ideal combination. The game is quite easy, and a bit bloody, but you’ll enjoy yourself for a couple of minutes. When you’ve cleared it, you can always play SWAT 1, and SWAT 3 seems t o be coming soon…
Website: http://stickpage.com/swat2game.shtml

Runes of Magic (Free to play MMORPG)
There isn’t much to say about this game. It’s a poor working WoW clone (the game just stops at random moments), and a lot of ex-WoW players seem to play this game. I have to admit that the quests are a lot better than those of other free MMO’s, but it still isn’t something special. The only use of this game seems to be getting rid of your WoW addiction…
Website: www.runesofmagic.com

Blood Frontier(Open Source FPS)
Blood Frontier is one of the many open source FPS’s although it’s maybe the only one that’s suitable for a bigger audience. Things like finding online/network games and the controls are really easy and the graphics beat a lot of the other open source FPS’s. This with the Unreal Tournament (HEADSHOT!) like gameplay and the low specs make it a potential succes, and it’s still only in the beta phase. Very promising indeed.
Website: www.bloodfrontier.com

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