Time Wasters of the Month February 2009

Posted by Flo in Offbeat on February 7th, 2009.
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A new month, a new collection of Time Wasters to waste your time on. This edition contains one of the best games that is ever made for the computer and one of the best free browser based strategy games that’s available. Check it out…

The Time Wasters of February 2009:

Diablo 2 (Paid Game for PC/Mac OSX)
With Diablo 3 coming soon, it’s time to bring Diablo 2 back into memory. It’s still an active game, and it still has a great gameplay. I even would go as far as to say that it’s the best game that’s produced in the last 10 years. What’s even greater is that it’s a cheap game if you want to buy it and you don’t need a big computer for it. If you don’t have it already: BUY IT!
Website: http://www.blizzard.com/us/diablo2/

Ikariam (Browser Based MMORTS)
Forget those previous-gen text based browser games, although Ikariam is still quite text based, it does consist of images to make it a little bit more spectacular. It’s set in the ancient world, and you need to build up your own imperium by trading and/or attacking other players. It’s pretty easy to play, and you need to be quite active if you want to actually become big, but the gameplay is quite interesting.
Website: www.ikariam.com

3D Chess (Flash Game)
Just a 3D flash chess game with 3 difficulty levels. Nothing special, but you can enjoy it if you like chess. It’s also playable on your Wii, so check it out.
Click here to open the website

TrackMania Nations (Free to play online racing game)
This game consists of over the top race action, and it’s a little bit chaotic. You usually spawn during a race, and you’ll respawn at the start if you fall of the track, so there doesn’t seem to be a real start or something like that. Nevertheless, there’s a competition and it’s probably a bit more enjoyable if you actually start to get used to the game (I’ve skipped that fase). 
Website: www.trackmanianations.com

PlaneShift (Open Source MMORPG)
This game is in this list because I find it rather special to have an Open Source MMORPG… The game is playable, but it’s hard. Partly because it’s in a real early development state, partly  because you have to actually speak against NPC’s. You must greet them by typing "Hi", ask for a quest by typing "Give me a quest", etc. There’s a really small chance that you actually say the right things, but oh wel… The character configuration is quite advanced and it is 100% free unlike some other "free" MMORPG’s, so it seems a promising game.
Website: www.planeshift.it

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