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Spam’s natural habitat: top 5 places to find spam!

Posted by Flo in Tech on March 28th, 2008.
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Whoa, what a weird post, as if you would want to find spam… but all right, let’s move on. As the internet was created, spam as we all know it was created. Throughout the years it evolved from e-mail spam to the modern species of spam: comment spam, (forum)post spam, buddy spam (invite spam) and much, much more. As we all know, this spam is produced by bots, and sometimes by no-lifers, who think that you will really die if you don’t spam a particular message at least 10 times in comments on a website or to their friends (just to be sure: you WON’T die because you didn’t send this message these people… really…). Now, let’s look up those stenched spam-habitats, maybe we will even discover some new species of spam!


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