Spam’s natural habitat: top 5 places to find spam!

Posted by Flo in Tech on March 28th, 2008.
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Whoa, what a weird post, as if you would want to find spam… but all right, let’s move on. As the internet was created, spam as we all know it was created. Throughout the years it evolved from e-mail spam to the modern species of spam: comment spam, (forum)post spam, buddy spam (invite spam) and much, much more. As we all know, this spam is produced by bots, and sometimes by no-lifers, who think that you will really die if you don’t spam a particular message at least 10 times in comments on a website or to their friends (just to be sure: you WON’T die because you didn’t send this message these people… really…). Now, let’s look up those stenched spam-habitats, maybe we will even discover some new species of spam!

  1.  Old forums
    Most of these forums are inactive, but stay online. And because people always think of new ways to let spambots register on these forums, the amount of spam will grow on these sites as time passes. Most of it is bot-created post spam, but sometimes you just got a no-life spammer on your forums… have no mercy: BAN! Upgrading your forums will probably work against the bot spam. (here’s an example of an old forum where I try to grow post spam)
  2.  Your inbox
    Before the spam filter was introduced to web mail, this was a bigger problem. At that time, nearly 90% of my mail traffic consisted spam. Nowadays, with the spam filter, 95% of my mail traffic is spam. The only difference is that 99.5% of this spam is directly redirected to my spam box, so I won’t see it. The only problem is this spam filter is that about 2% of my mail traffic that I really want to see is also redirected to this infested box… but all right, let’s analyze the spam we can find here. Most of it seems to be Viagra spam, but there’s also quite an amount of social networking spam, send by friends I don’t know… and by friends I do know, who seem to invite their whole address book once a week (thank you!).
  3.  Youtube
    The spam is quite serious here. The popular videos are loaded with spam comments. They also have videos about spam… how serious can it get? People that are actually starting to spam that they hate spam (spam spam!?). Luckily, this isn’t the biggest problem. Nearly all spam here is post-spam, but there’s also quite an amount of buddy spam (users that invite you to be your friend, and seem to be only doing this to promote their own videos). There’s some kind of video spam, where users with a random name like: wfa353ho3 are spamming the same videos over and over again…
  4.  Blogs
    Yes, just blogs like this one where spam can strike every second. The only thing that seems to help is keeping your CMS up to date, an using a comment-spam plugin. If you won’t do that… or if you can’t do that, the consequences may be severe (a safe example).
  5.  Your messenger
    It seems that some people do enjoy sending the same message over and over again, sometimes even copy-pasting it hundreds of times in their chat screen: messenger spam. Luckily most chat applications have a "block user" function, making life just a little bit better.

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