Rip flash videos with RealPlayer

Posted by Nick in Tricks on November 13th, 2008.

RealPlayer makes ripping flash videos from the internet even easier than before. No more copying a link into a different website, just click and download.

With the latest version of RealPlayer you can easily download any flash video to the .flv format. In comparison to different methods, you can download FLVs very easily, without copying the link in different programs or sites. However, if you want to convert it to a different format, you will have to use an application which will convert it to your desired format.

1. Download RealPlayer if you haven’t got it already. Go to tools, and then click on preferences. In the category screen, click on Download & Recording. You should see this screen.


Make sure you select the options you want. I usually go for the highest possible quality, since I’m on a Q6600 rig, but if you have less horse power, you might consider lower settings.

2. Go to any sites that hosts flash videos.

Click on the download button. RealPlayer will download the video to the folder which you selected in the preferences. By default it should be C:\Users\Username\Videos\RealPlayer Downloads.

3. You’re done. Now you can watch it in RealPlayer or in any other player that supports .flv.

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