Weekly Album #1: Wolfmother’s Wolfmother

Posted by Flo in Music, Weekly Album on March 1st, 2008.

Youtube is a great way to share music and video media with the world, and luckily people do share this media with each other, so why don’t make use of it? From now on, I will try to discuss an album of a popular artist every week, and add links to the songs (on youtube) and the lyrics to the review. I will also mark the tracks I really like with an “*”, so you’re able to get an impression of what the album offers in a few clicks. The first album I will discuss is the album Wolfmother from the band Wolfmother, as it is an album that let me appreciate metal music.

wolfmother.jpg Wolfmother is an Australian hard-rock band that became popular outside Australia in 2006 because of this album. The band makes a sort of psychedelic rock (metal) music, with a positive sound to it, probably influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and maybe even Pink Floyd. But I myself think it is best described as the modern 70’s metal, but just a little bit "louder" than it was in the 70’s (for what I have heard about it). Most of the tracks on this album are uptempo songs with a heavy metal sound in it. The combination of great metal melodies and a positive hippie sound, the music contains a power that makes you wonder how three people can produce such a sound. Next to this, the songs on the album are all quite different, you never get the idea: "woha, did the cd start all over again?" which I have when I’m listening to bands like Metallica. Since the music says more than I can tell you, you should hear a few of the songs below. I’ve marked my favorites with an "*". Tracks on the UK edition: 1. Dimension * Listen | Lyrics 2. White Unicorn * Listen | Lyrics 3. Woman * Listen | Lyrics 4. Where Eagles Have Been Listen | Lyrics 5. Apple Tree Listen | Lyrics 6. Joker & The Thief * Listen | Lyrics 7. Colossal * Listen | Lyrics 8. Mind’s Eye Listen | Lyrics 9. Pyramid * Listen | Lyrics 10. Witchcraft Listen | Lyrics 11. Tales Listen | Lyrics 12. Love Train Listen | Lyrics 13. Vagabond Listen | Lyrics

Note: Most of the links do not provide the music as it is on the cd, and are mostly live performances. The links may be deleted, but I don’t have the time to check this and to refresh these links with working ones



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